Fall Forum 2019: Voices on Women's Safety

On 10.16.19, JAR held its 5th bi-annual Forum for a Safer NYC: Voices on Women’s Safety at UM, a valued media partner. The dynamic conversation focused on safety issues disproportionately faced by women. Panelists represented female focused nonprofits and discussed women's safety through female youth empowerment, domestic violence, gender-based violence prevention and support, ending street safety and harassment, and providing critical services for the homeless. Panelists included the following: Yasmeen Hamza, Director of Community Programs, Womankind; Emily May, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Hollaback!; Delores Druilhet Morton, CEO, Step Up; Manisha Shah, Senior Director, Crime Victims Assistance Program, Safe Horizon; and Dr. Darlene Williams, Chief Program Officer, Win (Women in Need). The panel was facilitated by Allison Arden, Founder and CEO, Soul + Co and JAR Board Vice Chair. The event was photographed by Carey Bradshaw Photography. The Forum brought New Yorkers together for a better and safer New York City.

Spring Forum 2019: Our Neighbors in Crisis: Addressing Homelessness in NYC

On 4.30.28, JAR held our 4th bi-annual Forum for a Safer NYC: "Our Neighbors in Crisis: Addressing Homelessness in NYC." Panelists from JAR’s partner organizations and other local agencies spoke with our moderator in great detail about the work they and their organization do to support homeless individuals and families in our NYC community. The panel discussion was presented by Google and iHeart Media, and facilitated by Mary Calvi, Anchor for WCBS-TV. Panelists included Mark Bamba, Outreach Intern for Streetwork Project, Safe Horizon, Shanitra Hood, Police Officer with NYPD, Homeless Outreach Unit, Sebastien Vante, Supervising Coordinator of Sexual Health Services, Safe Horizon, Felipe Vargas, Vice President of Programs, The Doe Fund, and Jessica Yager, Vice President of Policy and Planning, Win. Following the panel discussion, audience members had the opportunity to ask questions relating to their personal, professional, and educational experiences around helping the homeless. The Forum brought New Yorkers together to work for a better and safer New York City. The event was photographed by Carey Bradshaw Photography, and filmed by MediaPlace.

Fall Forum 2018: The Opioid Epidemic in our Community

On 11.5.2018, UM hosted the 3rd bi-annual JAR Forum for a Safer New York City. This Forum centered on the growing concern and impact of the local opioid epidemic. Our panel discussion was facilitated by the Emmy-award winning journalist, Brook Silva-Braga, and led by the following expert practitioners, law enforcement and non-profit professionals, professors, advocates, recovering addicts, and authors: Dr. Sarah Church, Allan Clear, Dr. Chinazo Cunningham, Julia DeWalt, Susan Herman, Erin Khar, Jake Nichols, Dr. Fred Rotgers, Dr. Andrew Tatarsky, Dr. Lloyd Sederer, and Dr. Sharon Stancliff. The conversation dove deep into the causes of and solutions to the crisis, at a time where every 7 hours someone in NYC is dying of a drug overdose. The audience engaged with informed, personal, and dynamic questions. At the conclusion of the event, both panelists and audience members had the opportunity to meet and network.

This Forum brought New Yorkers together to work towards a better and safer city.

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