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In light of the recent outbreak of the novel Coronavirus in NYC -- and its economic and public safety ramifications -- we are launching a Campaign to Sustain to ensure the sustainability and viability of the Foundation and its grant partners. At a time when our City is experiencing its own fragility, we are called upon to protect our most at-risk populations from the inevitable hardships that will arise out of this economic downturn.

Our Goal

To raise $100,000 by May 31st, every dollar of which will be allocated towards the needs of our grant partners.

Why is JAR’s support critical to its grant partners at this urgent time?

We support 20 local nonprofits which provide services to our city's most vulnerable, including: families living in poverty, single-family households, homeless families and youth, previously incarcerated, adults living with developmental disabilities, and court involved youth. The individuals and families that we help support already struggle with daily challenges - now, resources are drastically more scarce, household providers are losing jobs at exponential rates, children are not in school and/or do not have the materials to continue school from home, and the fear of uncertainty is overwhelming. Our nonprofit partners are counting on JAR to make sure their clients are still being serviced despite the public health and financial emergency.


Our grantees’ COVID-19 needs include:

  • Cleaning supplies: Sanitizing wipes, clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, and Lysol spray for staff and clients 
  • Technology: Laptops, wifi infrastructure 
  • Food: Non-perishables, meal delivery
  • Recreational materials: educational games, toys, and art materials, writing supplies 
  • Financial support around staffing: temporary staff, continued pay for employees


Here are just a few examples of our partners recent, pressing needs:

  • Win (Women in Need), which provides safe, clean and private transitional housing for families and long term supportive housing to break the cycle of homelessness for NYC women and their children:
    "We have already spent approximately $87,000 on urgent basic needs, including emergency cleaning supplies for clients and staff, along with nonperishable food items for families across all Win sites….We estimate supplies at these levels will support families for up to three months, and the needs are immediate…”
  • The POINT CDC, which is dedicated to youth development and the cultural and economic revitalization of the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx: 
    "Because we are not sure how long and drastic things will become we have been tapping into unemployment resources. If there is any support that could go into salaries that is definitely a priority."
  • America SCORES, which is a combined soccer, literacy, and service-learning program for children ages 5-18 in under resourced NYC communities:
    "The call to action at this time is for financial support so that we can continue to support families, just in a different way, and so we don't have to let staff go - we must uphold our most important organizational value which is equity. We are school-based; thus the families are severely impacted by the school closings. They are also majority low-income and face lay-offs and reduced work hours.”
  • Jeremiah Program New York works in Brownsville, Brooklyn to end the cycle of poverty for low-income single mothers and their children, two generations at a time:
    "We have cancelled all in-person programming and are working with our families via phone conferencing. We are trying to put together nonperishable kits with essentials we can find to distribute to our families.  One of the biggest issues we are finding is supporting our families through the transition to online learning as many do not have internet access, laptops or the ability to pay for the added increase to their cell phone provider for extra data.” 

Our grant partners count on us for uninterrupted support to continue these programs. In response to our outreach, they have expressed their sincere gratitude for the JAR Foundation’s proactivity and nimbleness through these uncertain times...

  • “All of us at The Foundling are deeply grateful for the John A. Reisenbach Foundation’s longstanding support of our work and partnership with our Child Abuse Prevention Program, particularly at this challenging time.” CAPP at the New York Foundling 
  • "We would truly appreciate any support you can provide...If JAR could assist in any way that would be life changing for our families... P.S. You are the only funder to offer any support, assistance or just kind words. Thank you.” -Anonymous
  • "We have enormous needs...We are grateful for your proactivity. In short, we have numerous unanticipated expenses. We also have – and are continuing to expect – revenue shortfalls." The Jewish Board 
  • "Wow...We are in the middle of trying to figure everything out...As you can imagine, not far from our minds is how we are going to get through this crisis fiscally." Win 


This is not the first time New Yorkers have been compelled to come together in the face of a crisis, and we have proven ourselves to be formidable as a city-wide community.  Please join us in rolling up our sleeves in service of one another, which is needed now, more than ever.


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