Our GRants

We make strategic grants to nonprofit partners working in all five boroughs of New York City.

Each of our grants aligns with at least one of three programmatic pillars:

Our “YOUTH AND EDUCATION” program supports children, teenagers, and young adults by offering education and career opportunities that keep participants safe and enable them to pursue their goals. A representative program is our partnership with the Police Athletic League, through which we provide tutoring and internships for young people who have been in the family court system.

Our “NEIGHBORHOODS” program provides funding and capacity support for initiatives operating at the block level and similar scale. Typical funding recipients are groups of neighbors responding to community needs at a grassroots level. Through this program, which we operate primarily in partnership with the Citizens Committee of New York City, we fund projects like neighborhood watch groups and cleanups of abandoned lots.

Our “CRIMINAL JUSTICE” program supports direct crime-prevention initiatives like New York Crime Stoppers, which pays cash rewards to individuals who provide the NYPD with information leading to the arrest of violent criminals.

In addition to making grants, we support our partners by helping them evaluate and ensure program effectiveness; helping them promote their work; and developing and enhancing linkages between organizations that do complementary work.

Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP)
of New York Foundling

Project: Child Safety Workshops

Program Area(s): Youth and Education

CAPP educates children in the New York City public schools about keeping safe from physical and sexual abuse. The program uses life­sized puppets in skits to teach children how to recognize, resist, and report abuse. Each year, CAPP prevention specialists visit 150 schools, providing vital safety information and helping to build a safer community environment for roughly 20,000 New York City children. Each workshop is followed by an opportunity to speak privately with staff and counselors about personal issues.

Citizens Committee for New York City

Project: The John A. Reisenbach Safe Neighborhood Awards

Program Area(s):Criminal Justice, Neighborhoods

Micro­grants awarded through this program support resident ­led groups of New Yorkers from all over the city who are contributing to critical local safety improvements. Through these grants, neighbors work together to cover up graffiti on their block, convert vacant lots into safer community spaces, hold interactive youth forums on topics surrounding crime, and so much more.

The Doe Fund

Project: Forever Fathers

Program Area(s):Criminal Justice

The Doe Fund implements programs that work to break the cycles of poverty, including homelessness, addiction, and criminal recidivism. The Forever Fathers program functions as a support system and provides men with parenting classes where they discuss topics such as communication, discipline, and father’s rights.

Foster Pride

Project: The John A. Reisenbach Financial Literacy Workshops of HandMade

Program Area(s): Youth and Education

Th​e HandMade program enables teenage women in foster care to develop and launch their own small businesses. Participants create and market crocheted accessories in order to learn entrepreneurship. The John A. Reisenbach Financial Literacy Workshops help the young women in H​andMade develop money management skills and economic self-sufficiency.

Fountain House

Project: Hardest To Serve

Program Area(s): Criminal Justice

Fountain House strives to improve the lives of people living with serious mental illness by offering multifaceted programming to this population. The Hardest to Serve program would provide temporary beds for up to 10 people per year who are “hardest to serve”—those living with severe mental illness who have had histories of chronic homelessness and who may have a co-occurring disorder.

International Network for Public Schools

Project: English Language Learners

Program Area(s): Youth and Education

Internationals Network educates recently arrived teenage immigrants through a network of International High Schools. Many students arrive in New York City speaking little to no English and are consequently at heightened risk for unemployment and poverty. The Reisenbach Foundation funds training and support for the International High Schools’ teachers, who enable at ­risk English language learner students to succeed in high school and beyond, helping to create a safer New York City.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Project: The John A. Reisenbach Master’s Scholarships

Program Area(s): Criminal Justice, Youth and Education

Each year, the Reisenbach Foundation funds tuition for two John Jay students pursuing master’s degrees in criminal justice, forensic science, or forensic psychology. Scholarship recipients must commit to spending at least five years after graduation in a public service position in New York City. Since 1991, this program has supported more than forty students, who have gone on to become NYPD officers, federal law enforcement agents, social workers, and forensic scientists, among other service ­oriented professions.

New York Cares

Project: Career Preparation for the Formerly Incarcerated

Program Area(s): Criminal Justice, Youth and Education

New York Cares’ Career Preparation programs provide former prisoners with the knowledge and skills to rejoin the workforce. These initiatives combat the risks – including re­arrests and imprisonment – that are associated with underemployment and unemployment.

New York City Police Foundation

Project: Crime Stoppers

Program Area(s): Criminal Justice

With the public’s help, the New York City Police Department has captured some of the city’s most dangerous criminals through the Crime Stoppers program. As one of the most effective crime­fighting tools of the NYPD, Crime Stoppers
offers cash rewards of up to $2,500 for anonymous tips that lead to the arrest and indictment of a violent criminal. The Reisenbach Foundation funds a portion of these rewards.

The Point CDC

Project: Camp Powerpoint and The House of Spoof Collective

Program Area(s): Neighborhoods, Youth and Education

The Point CDC is dedicated to youth development and the cultural and economic revitalization of the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx. Camp Powerpoint provides participants with pre-­professional training in areas such as literacy and digital media, environmental and social justice, and civic engagement. The House of Spoof Collective brings together artists of all ages from all over the world to celebrate the role of art in the vitality of our communities and to highlight the benefits of art, culture and community as an alternative to violence and as a form of trauma relief.

Police Athletic League

Project: Reisenbach Interns Program

Program Area(s): Criminal Justice, Youth and Education

Youth Link is an early intervention strategy that helps young people who have been in the Family Court system remain out of detention, complete probation, reconnect to school, receive job training, and get back on track with their lives. Reisenbach Internships are the first jobs most Youth Link participants have ever had, and the internship curriculum is designed to provide stepping stones to brighter futures. In addition to counseling support needed to desist in criminal behavior, Reisenbach Interns receive targeted academic support and hands­ on work experience necessary for success in school and the workforce.

Safe Horizon

Project: Streetwork

Program Area(s): Criminal Justice, Youth and Education

Safe Horizon’s Streetwork Project serves a particularly vulnerable population: homeless youth. Based at Streetwork’s Uptown Drop­In Center in Harlem, this project connects participants with safety, shelter, and basic services. The Reisenbach Foundation supports youth advocates, who ensure that the young people at Streetwork receive the services they need, including intensive case management, counseling, psychiatric consultations, HIV ­prevention, medical care, and benefits and housing advocacy.

Women In Need

Project: Income Building Program

Program Area(s): Criminal Justice

WIN is an organization that provides safe, clean and private transitional housing for families, as well as long term supportive housing with intensive one-to-one case management, to break the cycle of homelessness for New York City women and their children. The Income Building Program offers employment counseling, employment retention workshops, interview preparation, mock interviews, GED preparation, resume writing assistance, job fairs, computer skills training, and much more. WIN partners with employers, job training and placement specialists, and volunteer organizations to increase client employment gains and maximize household income.


All Stars Project

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