Wednesday, 20 February 2019 / Published in News
Kacey Koeppel, 39 Strategic Events Consultant Member, JAR Trailblazers Lightning Round: Favorite restaurant: Crave Fish Bar Neighborhood: Upper West Side Most NYC Moment: A friend snuck me into a Saturday Night Live year-end party and Renée Zellweger told me I had great hair. Biggest misconception: That New Yorkers are rude. Favorite Broadway show: Meteor Shower Favorite bar: e’s Bar
Thursday, 06 December 2018 / Published in News
The JAR 27th Annual Tribute Gala took place this Monday, December 3rd. It was the most successful fundraiser in our foundation’s history. We are honored to continue John A. Reisenbach’s legacy by supporting programs working towards a better and safer NYC for all New Yorkers. A very special thanks to our event co-chairs: Lynn Lewis,
Monday, 26 November 2018 / Published in News
On Monday, November 5th, UM hosted the 3rd bi-annual JAR Forum for a Safer New York City. This Forum centered on the the growing concern and impact of the local opioid epidemic. Our panel discussion was facilitated by the Emmy-award winning journalist, Brook Silva-Braga, and led by the following expert practitioners, law enforcement and non-profit professionals,
Wednesday, 10 October 2018 / Published in News
Trailblazers’ co-chair Lauren Busch likes her drinks in popsicle form, suffers the seasonal heartbreak of a Knicks fan, and is laser-focused on building a council of young professionals who care deeply about New York City.  Lightning Round: Age: 25 From: Long Island Professional Position: Global Marketing, BlackRock Favorite restaurant: Shopsin’s Favorite bar: Loopy Doopy. It’s