Summer in a Safe City Grantee Highlight: Foster Pride


Foster Pride is a nonprofit focused on working with young people who are in the foster care system. Statistics on foster care are startling; 7 out of every 10 homeless people were in the foster system. Additionally, 68% of former foster children have been on food stamps. Foster Pride works to reduce this phenomenon.


Foster Pride’s Handmade program teaches young women how to crochet scarfs, blankets and other items that are then sold online and in boutiques, such as American Eagle’s Don’t Ask Why Boutique. Crocheting has become a therapeutic exercise for these girls, and also a profitable one.


In an effort to alleviate their financial burdens upon aging out of foster care, The Reisenbach Foundation and Foster Pride have developed the Reisenbach Financial Literacy classes. Students learn how to use the proceeds that they gain from the Handmade program for financial longevity. They open their own bank account with a $40 stipend, and any proceeds they’ve earned from their crochet sales. After this, students learn about paying bills on time, avoiding ATM fees, good debt vs. bad debt, and how to manage their credit score.


We are immensely proud of Handmade and the Reisenbach Financial Literacy classes have accomplished. If you would like to learn more about Foster Pride, please visit their website